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  • Rose Pedal Wedding

    Using Rose Petals to Create Romance and Elegance

    As ancient symbols of love and beauty, roses are often used to express love and feelings for another. Using just rose petals can be a great way to add romance to your special occasions. Here are four examples of opportunities to use rose petals for …

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  • Planning a Wedding in Hawaii Can Save You Time and Money

    For the past six months, every time you speak to her, your mother-in-law-to-be reminds you that every generation of Sinclairs for the past 125 years, have gotten hitched at the family ranch just 35 miles outside of Austin. Your mom is sentimental about Chicago where …

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  • 3 Key Points in Choosing a Wedding Videographer

    Capturing your wedding celebration on video is one thing, but to capture the special moments and candid shots with quality is what brings your loving memories to life with each viewing. Videography can be a tricky business as standards and styles vary considerably from one …

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  • Preparing for the Ideal Wedding

    Preparing for a wedding is a long and tiring task to accomplish. There are many choices that need to be considered to ensure a smooth wedding celebration. Deciding on the wedding planning is a task that takes a lot of consideration. For this reason, many …

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  • Make the Tropics your Wedding Destination

    Your wedding is supposed to be the most important, and memorable day of your life, so why spend that day in an area that either you or your family can visit any time. Why not make it an island wedding. Many couples dream of an …

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  • Put the Lime in the Coconuts, and Remember your Kauai Wedding Forever

    Tropical weddings are growing in popularity because of how beautiful the islands are. Tropical wedding favors have increased right alongside of it. If you are getting married on a tropical island such as Kauai, you should display your personality along with that of the tropical …

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  • 3 Must Haves to Bring to Your Destination Wedding

    When traveling to a destination far from home for your wedding celebration make sure to bring all the necessary items you will need to ensure you have a perfect event. Here are some suggestions on what you should bring to your Kauai wedding celebration no …

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  • 3 Ideas for Having a Green Wedding

    If you and your fiance are interested in protecting the environment, there are several different ways that you can celebrate your union in an ecological manner. Here are just a few ways to have a green wedding. Used recycled paper for invitations, programs, favors. If …

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  • Wedding Ideas: From a Bride’s Vision to an Affordable Plan

    Planning a wedding often involves combining wedding ideas from a number of well meaning sources, but the most important ideas need to have as their source the bride’s vision that may have been forming since she was a little girl. All of these ideas and …

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  • Wedding Decorations: Have Fun Setting the Theme

    Your wedding is a long awaited opportunity to not only confirm your love for that special person, but to express with wedding decorations the visions, ideas and dreams for this day you have always nourished and now have the chance to make into reality. Two …

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