Planning a Wedding in Hawaii Can Save You Time and Money

For the past six months, every time you speak to her, your mother-in-law-to-be reminds you that every generation of Sinclairs for the past 125 years, have gotten hitched at the family ranch just 35 miles outside of Austin.

Your mom is sentimental about Chicago where you reside, and where she grew up and still has a lot of family. Your dad doesn’t say much but you feel down deep that he, inspite of everything is interested if only because he’s footing a large portion of the bill.

Is this tug of war a bad omen and can this wedding location dilema be fixed?

Solving the Wedding Location Blues

The happy couple share, at least something – he loves to surf and she adores walking on the beach, joining a volley ball game or just relaxing with a great book. The wedding location blues may just have solved itself. How about a destination wedding?

Not only is a destination wedding a great neutral location – a sort of ultimate compromise when obligations and conflicts arise, it can also save you precious time and money. Smoothing out ruffled feathers can be easy if you let your family know that you and your loved one have made a decision not to favor either side. Instead, choose a destination site for your wedding.

This decision will not only soothe bad feelings, but will allow THE COUPLE to decide where to marry. After all, it’s THEIR wedding.

Destination Wedding Planners

For starters, consider what type of destination would best suit your needs. Where would you really like to marry?

As an example, planning a wedding in Hawaii, your dream location for many can be much easier than you could imagine. There are many professional wedding planning services that are location based, and they offer many different types of packages that take care of everything for you, including:

  • your marriage license appointment
  • wedding cake
  • champagne
  • minister
  • flowers
  • professional photography
  • videography,

and even a gorgeous white limo in which you’re going to make your getaway.

More Benefits of a Hawaii Wedding

Besides saving time, your dad will love the savings. With a destination wedding such as Hawaii you will find that your guest list will probably shrink sizably. Many are called but few will attend.

Remember, you can always throw a post-wedding party in your home town when you return to celebrate with friends who missed your wedding celebration. A Sunday barbecue for 100 is easier on the pocket book than a sit down dinner at $60 per plate plus drinks and can be just as much fun. And, you won’t have to finance or jet off to that perfect honeymoon either; you’ll already be in the perfect place!

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