How to Plan an Affordable Kauai Hawaii Wedding

Dreaming about the ultimate romantic wedding location always leads to thoughts of a tropical beach wedding ceremony in the Hawaiian Islands.

Dream on and discover the Garden Island of Kauai, the most lush and beautiful of all the isles with broad sandy beaches and emerald colored mountains standing nobly over the azure seas below.

When reality settles in, and practical planning means searching the internet for bargains, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn there is such a thing as an affordable Kauai Hawaii Wedding. But, it does take planning and research, plus a bit of flexibility to match your vision and budget with what is available in travel and lodging, car rental, and most importantly, a wedding package from a reputable local professional wedding coordinator.

Airfare and lodging will be, by far, the most expensive part of the total budget. The cost will be inversely proportional to how much work you do checking with travel agents, airlines, hotels, bed-and-breakfast agents, even a wedding coordinator you have chosen. The season has a lot to do with all these prices, but generally speaking the seasons don’t affect prices of wedding services on Kauai. The “high season” for lodgings and airlines starts around mid April and tapers off after the New Year. Do your homework and you can really save some money.

Planning a Kauai Budget Wedding

Things like flowers, limos, restaurants, photographers and videographers don’t usually vary in price with the seasons, it’s just that their availability may be greater. Think about what you really want for your special day because the sky’s the limit when you start adding a lot of extras. If just you and your beloved are going to be at the ceremony, maybe all you need is a license ($60 at Department of Health, Kauai office 808-241-3498), a minister/officiate and a beach. All beaches in Hawaii are public, therefore free of charge and a minister can cost as little as $150-$200. Pick up a pair of beautiful flower lei at a local flower shop, or even cheaper at most supermarkets on the island and that is a truly low budget wedding in paradise.

Should you wish to add more to the great memories this day will induce, such as photography, video, musician, etc., your best bet is to find a local wedding coordinator. They will know the most reliable people to engage and be able to set up a license appointment near where you are staying and a location that will fulfill your vision that you may not be able to find yourself (though it can be a lot of fun exploring the island looking for that perfect spot. As you can see, it is entirely possible to create a truly affordable Kauai Hawaii Wedding.

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