Tony and Barb's Beachfoot Wedding

Barefoot Beach Weddings with Tropical Floral Leis

Elvis Presley probably did more to popularize a dream Hawaii wedding than anyone before or since because of the wedding scene in his hit movie “Blue Hawaii.” The actual location of the famous wedding scene with a double hull canoe extravagantly bedecked with tropical flowers and paddled by handsome Hawaiian lads in native dress, is the now closed Coco Palms Hotel on the island of Kauai.

Vintage Coco Palms Lagoon Postcard

Vintage Coco Palm Palms' Postcard

It is still possible to recreate that famous wedding scene on the lagoon at the old Coco Palms led by the colorful and charming local musician, Larry Rivera (who was actually an extra in the movie).

Tropical Wedding Locations

Maui is another island where you can choose from packages that include professional photography and video with a waterfall backdrop, romantic sunset, gardens splashed with tropical color and a full selection of wedding services.

Travel between islands is easy and relatively inexpensive ($100 or less per person), so it’s possible to have your wedding ceremony on one island and hop over to another for an unforgettable honeymoon.

Barefoot Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are very popular and a staple for Hawaii Weddings. All Hawaiian beaches up to the vegetation line are public and free of charge; however, property fronting the beach may be private and restricted from public use, so check with your coordinator if you find a beach that is not on their “best locations” list.

Jeff and Rhana's Barefoot WeddingIf there will only be the bride and groom, perhaps with just a few guests, a barefoot wedding on the beach may be the perfect memorable ceremony. Garden locations on private property usually involve some sort of site fee as do churches, chapels, and hotel grounds. If you arrive a few days before your scheduled date, your wedding coordinator may direct you to several sites from which to choose; it’s a fun way to explore the island and find the the location that exactly fits your vision.

Tropical Floral Leis

Don’t forget to add some traditional Hawaiian color to your celebration. Of course you’ll want some flower leis, a haku lei crown of flowers for the bride and maybe a maile lei for the groom. Flower shops abound on all islands. You may want to have some tropical floral arrangements made for the reception or even as side pieces with tiki torches at the ceremony. Another wonderful touch is to have a local musician sing some Hawaiian wedding tunes accompanied by guitar or ukulele. The Hawaiian Wedding Song is a staple, however there is a whole world of great Hawaiian music you may have never heard but also may never forget.

So dream on when you’re planning your magical tropical wedding, it is only a plane ride away to paradise!

Elvis Scene From Blue Hawaii

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