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  • Pic Wedding Bible Vows

    Spirituality on Kauai & List of Church Wedding Locations

    Whether you’re looking for a place of worship during your stay in Hawaii, to attend church oriented activities, or a church for your wedding day, there is an abundance of churches to choose from a list of church wedding locations. All of the islands have …

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  • Terry and Leandra's Paradise Garden's Wedding

    Romantic Hawaii Wedding Destinations on a Budget

    When you think about getting married do you envision the ceremony on a white sandy beach on a tropical island, but feel it would just be too expensive? Good news! As a tourist destination it is not difficult to find a wedding planner specializing in …

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  • Pic Wedding Cake E1317168312892

    Passion Fruit Hawaii Wedding Cake Recipe

    The Hawaii wedding cake, like many popular expressions of this culture, is basically a western invention with Hawaiian embellishment of local custom and style. Your Hawaiian style wedding will be most successful if you have consistency from the ceremony to the reception through the choice …

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  • Wedding Shower Presents

    Hawaiian Theme Wedding Shower Invitations

    Having a wedding shower before the nuptials is a venerable tradition that can be a lot of fun. Often the bridal shower party will have a theme, so why not Hawaiian? Whether the wedding will be held in Hawaii or in your home town, you’ll …

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  • Pic Lee Jules Leis 1 E1317238389991

    The Tradition of the Hawaii Wedding Flower Lei

    Hawaii is famous for its beautiful flowers and also as one of the most romantic wedding locations in the world; a combination, you might say, made in heaven. String one Hawaiian wedding flower after another into a garland, and you make a traditional Hawaiian lei, …

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  • Tony and Barb's Beachfoot Wedding

    Barefoot Beach Weddings with Tropical Floral Leis

    Elvis Presley probably did more to popularize a dream Hawaii wedding than anyone before or since because of the wedding scene in his hit movie “Blue Hawaii.” The actual location of the famous wedding scene with a double hull canoe extravagantly bedecked with tropical flowers …

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  • Keith & Kathy's Wedding in Poipu, Kauai

    Tips for Deciding on Which Hawaii Wedding Package

    Hawaii has been long famous as the ultimate dream wedding location: great beaches, warm ocean waters, sun, surf, perfect weather year round, spectacular scenery, Elvis Presley, Blue Hawaii. But how do you make your dream wedding actually happen? Hawaii is so far away! The easiest, …

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  • Mike and Rachel's Wedding Photos

    Budgeting for a Wedding Video and On Location Photography

    Pick any island in Hawaii for your wedding and you have a perfectly beautiful location for a professional Hawaii wedding photographer to ply his or her craft. Each island has its own personality and charm and by choosing a local photographer he or she will …

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  • Elvis Singing Hawaiian Wedding Song

    Hawaii Wedding Song: Setting the Theme for Your Ceremony in Paradise

    The Hawaiian Wedding Song (Ke Kali Nei Au), popularized by a flower bedecked Elvis Presley in the classic Hawaiian wedding scene from the movie Blue Hawaii, has become almost a traditional wedding standard. You can still recreate that glorious wedding scene at the original location, …

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  • Katie and Joseph's Wedding

    Quality Production Important in Hawaii Wedding Videos

    There are so many companies, from wedding coordinators to full video production houses, offering their services making Hawaii wedding videos, it can become a bewildering task to choose the right video provider for your special day. Still photography has traditionally reigned supreme as a “must …

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