Kauai Ceremonies & Vows

Kauai Weddings, Kauai Vow Renewals & Kauai Civil Union Ceremonies

Marriage vows are sacred and precious expressions of your commitment and dedication to each other. Based upon your desire and intent, spiritual/religious beliefs, and cultural background, we take the time with you to create the appropriate tone and theme that will reflect the particular mood, sensitivity and inspiration you wish to express in your vows. Each ceremony is personalized to fulfill your vision of a dream wedding.

Hawaii Ceremonies & Vows on Kauai

Marriages, Vow Renewals and Civil Unions are performed in the setting of your choosing. You’ll find that we provide the perfect Hawaiian ambiance for your ceremony.

Rainbow Weddings provides the intimate setting you desire for your Ceremony and Vows while in one of the world’s premier vacation & wedding destinations.

Kauai Wedding Ceremonies & Vows

Choose from a variety of styles for your wedding ceremony and your personal wedding vows. You can also write your own personal vows to read to each other. If you’d like, add a favorite poem or quote to your ceremony. Feel free to mix and match from different Ceremony and Vow styles.

Traditional Christian Wedding CeremonyTraditional Christian Kauai Wedding Ceremony

Express your love and commitment in a traditional Christian way.

“Dearly Beloved, We’ve come together in the presence of God…”

“This is my solemn vow. I take you to be my husband/wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer…”

Non-denominational Wedding CeremonyNon-denominational Kauai Wedding Ceremony

If you are of different religious backgrounds, or none in particular, here’s a good way to create harmonious balance.

“A wedding is the celebration of the miracle of love and the intertwining of destinies. It is a life’s work, being united with the one you have chosen to trust…”

“I _______, ask you __________ to be my partner, my lover, my friend, and my husband/wife…”

Hawaiian Style Wedding CeremonyHawaiian Style Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony includes an opening Hawaiian Chant and an Ancient Blessing at the end.

“I marry you today in the presence of this ocean stretched out before you, full of life and mystery…

“I commit myself to share my life with you, to cherish you, to support your successes…”

Include some beautifully romantic Hawaiian traditions such as a Lei Exchange, Water Sharing and Blessing, blowing of the Conch Shell, or a Hawaiian musician.

Romantic Wedding CeremonyRomantic Kauai Wedding Ceremony

Expand your hearts and welcome your deepest feelings of intimacy in the cool tropical breeze under the warm Hawaiian sun.

“Nurture the passion and romance between you and never abandon your sense of adventure…”

“Love one another and let it be a moving sea between the shores of your souls…”

“Because this ring has no beginning and no end, it signifies the continuation of true…”

Spiritual Wedding CeremonySpiritual Kauai Wedding Ceremony

Encompasses Spiritual view of the sacredness of your union in a Universe of Love.

“In marriage, our hearts find a home and our souls find protection, allowing us to develop to our highest potential as loving and compassionate human beings…”

“Now as one, we will continue to travel on our journey of life, whose every turn means discovery. Revealing old hopes, new laughter, shared…”

Buddhist Wedding CeremonyBuddhist Kauai Wedding Ceremony

Reflect your deep understanding of the laws of karma and the profundity of coming together in this lifetime.

“In light of both the impermanence of your lives and the eternity of the universe from which your love flows, you now make your vows to one another…”

“I marry you, my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with…”

Jewish Wedding CeremonyJewish Kauai Wedding Ceremony

Celebrate your wedding within the Jewish tradition complete with Chuppah and the breaking of the glass, Mazel Tov. Add the wine sharing ceremony and the 7 Blessings.

“The real relatedness between two people is experienced in the small tasks they do together: It is in the mundane where the sacred may be found…”

“I will be careful with your heart, I will protect you, I will cherish you, I will adore you. I hope you love who you are with me. I hope I bring out the best…”

Vow Renewal CeremonyKauai Vow Renewal Ceremony

Choose from any of the styles above, or create your own unique, fanciful, serious, funny, or religious, to suit your moods and personalities. Perhaps you want to match your Original Wedding Vows or create something new.

“You have journeyed to this most beautiful spot to reaffirm the commitment you made to each other through your wedding vows ____ years ago…”

“Today we celebrate the rebirth of our commitment before this gathering with full confidence in the power of our love, I take you once again as my husband/wife…”

Civil Union Wedding CeremonyKauai Civil Union Wedding Ceremony

Rainbow Weddings has performed same sex Vows of Commitment for many years. The state of Hawaii legalized Civil Unions in 2011 and will issue licenses to same-sex couples beginning January 2012. Please choose any style of Ceremony and Vows to match your personalities and your love for each other.

“The true essence of your union is love. In your Union, always honor your individual selves while supporting each other’s personal growth and creativity…”

“I loved you before this ceremony. I love you more because of it. I take your hand in mine…”