3 Key Points in Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Capturing your wedding celebration on video is one thing, but to capture the special moments and candid shots with quality is what brings your loving memories to life with each viewing.

Videography can be a tricky business as standards and styles vary considerably from one provider to another. If you blindly book a videographer without first seeing his or her work, you could end up with an product which is fine for someone else, but not for you, to put it mildly.

There are literally thousands of institutions offering photographer courses, but very few on how to become a videographer, so consequently videographers are mostly self taught enthusiasts, which is not always a bad thing as some videographes have an artistic flair and have adequately qualified themselves. So, it’s not all doom and gloom, simply request a viewing of the videographer’s work before you make a booking.

What to Look For in a Videographer

So now you’re wondering, what must I look out for? There are a few pointers worth mentioning to be on the lookout for, such as:

Too Much Camera Shake: If the video picture is not steady and jumps around, viewers will soon become agitated, and this is not the desired emotional response you would want when viewing your most important day.

Poor Audio Quality: Good audio is consistent in volume. Bad audio could vary from volume being to soft, to too high, or soft in some parts an load in others. No-one likes to either keep turning the volume up or down all the time.

Too Many Special Effects: Tons of video editor effects can be found even in cheap video editing packages, wedding videographers sometimes tend to overuse effects and they too can become an irritation in time.

So to sum up, look for a videographer with a steady hand, even audio volume, and content with as little special effects as possible. These 3 key points will ensure your wedding video will become a classic.

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