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Destination Hawaii Wedding: Travel to Paradise for Your Dream Wedding

Fly away across the ocean for your romantic destination Hawaii wedding on a tropical island in the middle of the blue Pacific Ocean. The whole idea of a destination wedding is to get away from home, stand on a sea mist swept beach, bedeck your beloved and yourself in fragrant flower lei, become enraptured by soft and seductive Hawaiian songs of aloha while taking your vows of a lifetime.

This dream come true wedding can be surprisingly affordable, especially compared to a huge church ceremony and elaborate reception in your home town. Travel agents often have packages, or perhaps a cruise specifically designed for a destination Hawaii wedding with a choice of honeymoon accommodations that will make your stay in the beautiful exotic Hawaiian Islands something to remember for a lifetime.

How to Apply for a Hawaii Marriage License

Getting Your Hawaii Marriage License

Getting a marriage license in Hawaii is a simple process.

There are 2 steps to the process:

Step 1: You need to apply for your Marriage License Online. The cost is $65 you can pay with a credit card.

Step 2: You, your wedding coordinator or wedding officiant will need to make a Marriage License Appointment with a State License Agent.

You can obtain a license on any Island in the State. When you go to your Marriage License Appointment with your fiancé all you need to do, is bring your picture ID’s. (Drivers License) (Valid Passports if you are outside the USA) and pay $5 in cash directly to the agent. You don’t need blood tests or witnesses.

No birth Certificates (unless you are under 18 years of age). No Divorce papers needed unless your last divorce occurred 6 months or less prior to this upcoming marriage.

Click here > To Fill out your Marriage License Application

Click here > To find a Marriage License Agent

Planning a Romantic Hawaii Wedding

To create the perfect ceremony, consider engaging the services of a local Kauai wedding coordinator who will know how to bring together all the elements that make for a memorable event.

Have you imagined getting married on a broad sandy beach, a remote cove with a background of crashing surf, an elegant lawn ringed with flowers and palm trees, or a high overlook with distant mountains and waterfalls above the graceful curve of a placid bay below? All is possible in paradise, with the right help.

Flowers and Beach at the Hyatt on KauaiDon’t forget in your planning the romantic possibilities of a Hawaiian musician playing contemporary or traditional songs on ukulele or island style slack key guitar. These sensual lyrics and melodies are composed to enchant lovers in English or the sweetly melodious Hawaiian language. Perhaps begin and end your ceremony with the blowing of a conch shell and traditional chanted blessing.

Capture the wondrous memories of your destination Hawaii wedding with a professional photographer familiar with the locations and customs of the islands. You can also engage the services of a videographer, so you can bring some of the magic of the islands to share with the folks back home. What a great reception you can have playing a tape or DVD of the ceremony and passing around the precious hawaii wedding album of beautiful photos of you and your beloved drenched in Hawaiian sun and engulfed by the beauty of the ultimate romantic destination Hawaii wedding.


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