Four “W’s” in Planning a Destination Wedding

Whether you’re deciding to elope or have your wedding party and guests join you, having a destination wedding is getting increasingly popular among brides and grooms. There are several factors you’ll want to consider when you’re planning your destination wedding. To make it easy, think about the four W’s- who, what, where, and when.

Who To Invite

Deciding on who you want to share your special day with you will give you a better idea on what to plan for. If you have 100 guests that you’d like to attend, you need to take into consideration whether or not they can travel. Your older friends and family members may not be up to a long flight as won’t your friends with small children.

What to Wear

Where you get married will almost always determine what you will wear. Knowing how to shop for a wedding dress is crucial. If you have a wedding on the beach, consider wearing a summery dress or an informal gown. Many dresses suited for outdoor weddings in tropical locations can be worn again at a later date in a similar warm climate. Getting married in the winter, however, might have you dressing in a long-sleeved dress or by adding accessories, such as gloves and/or a wrap or shall. However, if your ceremony and reception are in the same location, you can wear a dress that is comfortable in any climate. Just be sure to have something to cover up with if you leave to a honeymoon suite.

Where to Get Married

The key to any destination wedding is, of course, the destination. One of the primary factors that determines the location of the ceremony is the budget. If you and your fiance can afford to travel to a different location and stay in a hotel for several nights, then go where you’re most content. Some couples choose to get married in a place they’ve been before, while some get married in a location where they both would like to visit. A great idea is to get married in the same location you want to honeymoon. Some popular choices include Caribbean, Europe, Bali, Cancun, and a favorite, Kauai weddings.

When to Have the Wedding

The location of the wedding will help to determine when to have it. Having an outdoor wedding is risky, but there are ways to avoid bad weather. Be sure to consider the climate of the destination and let that establish when to get married. If you choose to get married in Hawaii or Bali, plan your wedding in April and May, when the weather is dry and calm and the prices are better. Anything south of the equator has seasons opposite of the northern hemisphere. While it is winter up north, down under the equator is getting sunshine. By letting the weather be your guide, you will be sure to get the most out of your destination wedding.

Many couples who choose to have destination weddings may have a reception in their home town (or several receptions in different towns). This will help to alleviate any problems associated with having a destination wedding because your friends and family will still get to see you and share your special day with you – even if it’s a few days or weeks later than the actual ceremony.

No matter what, remember that this is your special day. Invite who you want, wear what you want, get married where you want, and have it when you want. Your friends and family should respect your wishes to spend your wedding day the way you want.

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