Kauai Wedding Flower Leis

The romance and beauty of Kauai are elegantly revealed by the exchanging of Hawaiian Wedding Flower Leis. This lovely tradition is an expression of affection, and respect between a bride and groom. Having a lei exchange is a beautiful way to express your eternal love Hawaiian style on your special day. In this context, the word Aloha means love and beloved the “ha” of Aloha means breath. To the Hawaiians “Breath” is the most important thing in life as it is the giver of “LIFE” and the giver of “LOVE.” It is customary to hold the lei on your heart, infuse it with your Love, then breathe your Love into the Lei before placing it around each others neck, then a kiss on the cheek after adorning them with a lei.

Choose from a variety of styles for the perfect touch of exotic fragrances and colors to accent the allure of the islands on your special day. Click on an image below to enlarge:

* Certain Flower availability seasonal. Hawaii State General Excise Tax Rate @ 4.17% will be added to the total.