Wedding Gift Registry

The Tradition of Wedding Gifts

Wedding gift practices extend to the gifts given to the bride and groom, but also from the bride and groom to those in the wedding party.

The tradition of buying wedding gifts for the soon to be betrothed couple is believed to have originated from the days when a dowry was paid by the bride’s father to his future son-in-law and family. Family and friends would often help out if the bride’s father could not provide an adequate dowry.

The practice of buying gifts continued when the custom of paying a dowry was no longer practiced. This enabled family and friends to help the couple set up house. Most people who attend the wedding will bring a wedding gift.

Most couples prefer to receive gifts they can use for years, and most guests give gifts that would help the newly married couple start out on a good financial footing. They want to give a gift that is needed and wanted, regardless of the couples age or budget. You know yourself how good it feels to give someone a gift they really like and need. Everyone wants his or her gift to be special.

From Traditional Registries to Gift Coordinators

Traditional registries are not the only option, and may not be popular with gift givers, either. One wedding gift trend is for several people to chip in and buy an expensive gift together than the couple might not otherwise be able to purchase on their own.

Some travel agencies offer honeymoon registration, which allows others to help with your honeymoon expenses. If you decide to use a registry, be sure to register five to eight months prior to the wedding event. This ensures that your list will be in place before any parties or showers and you won’t receive duplicate items. Most companies will maintain your registry for at least one year after your wedding date. You can even publish your list on a web page or set up your very own wedding website.

Monetary gifts are also acceptable these days. In fact, a monetary gift will give you the means to purchase something you really want.

Gifts for the Wedding Party

Other gifts to consider are the gifts that the bridge and groom will present as tokens of their appreciation to the matron of honor, brides maids, and the best man. These gifts will be treasured by those involved in the ceremony. Both the matron of honor and the best man usually receive a gift that is a little more personal and different from those given to the other member’s of the wedding party.

Wedding Invitations and Cards

You’ll need to announce your engagement, invite your guests to the festivities, and announce your wedding. The proper wedding invitation is critical, whether it be a church wedding, home wedding, or beach wedding. You’ll want to send wedding invitations to friends, relatives, and acquaintances you wish to be present at your ceremony.

Wedding invitations are traditionally sent out six to eight weeks prior to the ceremony. In sending out the invitations, please remember to take into consideration the number of people who will fit comfortably into the reception area.

There are several different styles of wedding invitations to choose from. Wedding invitations should convey the overall theme of the occasion, including the color scheme and perhaps depict the type of flowers you plan to use in your ceremony. Your invitations should represent the style and formality of your wedding. If you’re having a formal wedding, traditional and classic invitations are the most appropriate styles. The traditional formal wedding invitation is engraved in black script on white or off-white stock, placed in an inner unsealed envelope. Reception information appears on a separate enclosure in the same typescript and paper.

Classic or contemporary invitations are more suitable for semi-formal weddings. Of course, you want to include the date and location, perhaps even a simple map. Always spell out the full names of the bride and groom. The date should also be spelled out. For example: Sunday the twenty third of April, two thousand and five. The year can be written as numerals (2007) if you like, depending on how formal you want the presentation to be. Maps and hotel information, printed on the same paper stock and typeface as the invitation, may be mailed with the invitation. Don’t forget to include RSVP cards as well as postage-paid envelopes or other contact information such as telephone number or email address.

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