3 Ideas for Having a Green Wedding

If you and your fiance are interested in protecting the environment, there are several different ways that you can celebrate your union in an ecological manner. Here are just a few ways to have a green wedding.

  1. Green wedding cards

    Creating Green Wedding Invitations

    Used recycled paper for invitations, programs, favors. If you choose to go with traditional invitations (versus electronic invites or a wedding website with details), buy recycled invitations with as little paper as possible. You can get your programs printed on recycled paper as well and can explain that preserving the environment is important to you as a couple.For favors, consider giving sachets of flower seeds and/or bulbs or even a tree sapling to be planted by the guests. You can even give handmade paper that is embedded with flower seeds that can be planted too. The paper can be used for invitations and programs as well.


  3. Pick an outdoor wedding and reception location. By having your wedding and reception in the same place, your guests won’t have to travel from one to the other and will save gas. If you choose to have a destination wedding, invite as few guests as possible or maybe even elope to save on travel. Consider getting married in a beautiful outdoor location, such as the island of Kauai, so that you and your fiance can enjoy the natural beauty and remember why you choose to be environmentally responsible. Let your Kauai wedding planner know that you want a green wedding, and let them handle all the details so that you can enjoy your important day together, knowing that you’re not in an energy deficient location.

  5. Have organic and environmentally-aware foods served at the reception. Many caterers can provide an all-organic menu with locally-grown organic fruits and vegetables. Look into donating any leftovers from your reception so that no food goes to waste. And instead of paying a small fortune for a wedding cake, consider renting a cake that looks and feels like a traditional wedding cake but is made of Styrofoam. Since the cakes aren’t baked and don’t require refrigeration, they’re energy efficient. You can skip the sugary cake and serve something special that you would rather enjoy.


These are just some ideas to get you started. Use your imagination and brainstorm with your fiance on other ways that you can plan your dream green wedding!

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