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Quality Production Important in Hawaii Wedding Videos

There are so many companies, from wedding coordinators to full video production houses, offering their services making Hawaii wedding videos, it can become a bewildering task to choose the right video provider for your special day.

Still photography has traditionally reigned supreme as a “must have” service when planning your Hawaii wedding. However, with the proliferation of relatively inexpensive high quality digital video cameras and computerized editing equipment, it has become quite affordable to capture the memorable moments of your ceremonies.

Every vow, every kiss, and that romantic walk on a sun drenched Hawaii beach are images that lend themselves to video in a way that photography does not. We live in a television society and in talking to other couples who have married, we often are pressed to watch the video of their wedding even before the photo album comes out.

Choosing a Wedding Video Provider

Katie and Joseph's Wedding

Wedding Videos That Capture the Moment

So, how can you tell whether the company offering you their video services is right for you?

These days, anyone with a cheap camera and a web site can call themselves a producer of Hawaii wedding videos. If you are already working with an event coordinator you trust, and they recommend a video service provider, chances are the company has proven itself to be reliable and competent. Here are some easy to follow guidelines to assist you in searching for someone who may more perfectly suits your needs.

Ask questions! There are no stupid questions, only questions you could find you had wished you’d asked. It is important to know how long the company has been in business and to check their references and review their testimonial. This information should be somewhere on their professional web site. You can even ask to see a free sample of their work.

What type of camera do they use? Most important, ask about their equipment. Fancy equipment is no substitute for talent, but it helps a lot. A three-chip digital camera (the chip is the sensor behind the lens that captures the image) is going to produce crisper cleaner images than, say an S-VHS analog camera. But, the difference between the image on a one-chip camera may not be as apparent to the average person as that of a three chip camera.

Audio and music are also extremely important. For anything short of a full blown Hollywood production, ask for wireless lavaliere microphones so you can hear clearly every vow and every word of the ceremony. Most Hawaii wedding videos are shot outdoors because of the fabulously beautiful settings, so there may be wind and surf noise in the background.

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Music as an Option

You may be able to choose your own music for your video. Usually the company will want you to provide them with a CD of the music you would like to hear in the background.

Many video providers also have an extensive library of wedding favorites and when getting married in islands Hawaiian music is an excellent choice.

Finally, get your Hawaii wedding video put on a DVD by the company who produced it, they’ll do it right from the computer. Even if you have to go out and buy an inexpensive DVD player, you want to enjoy and cherish the beautiful images and moments of your ceremonies of that special romantic day as close to the clarity as when the magic occurred.

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