How to Plan a Hawaii Sunset Wedding

Several factors figure in when you decide to fulfill the ultimate dream wedding fantasy; a Hawaii Sunset Wedding. Chief among them are timing, luck and location. Unless you live in Hawaii and are very familiar with the seasons (yes there are seasons in Hawaii, just none with snow) and the pronounced seasonal differences between the various shores (north shores are rainier, more lush; south shores drier, sunnier; east shores are the best for sunrise weddings, but obviously not for sunsets; and west shores vary between tranquil with the best sunsets and suddenly stormy with unpredictable surf). Remember that it rains in Hawaii. It rains a lot, that’s one of the reasons it is so beautiful.

Usually when it does rain it it is a gentle warm rain, often sunny at the same time in which case you’ll be blessed with a magnificent rainbow. It’s really a matter of luck and flexibility on your special day, and a lesson in letting the joy of love during the ceremony rise above these trials as you will be challenged to do in the years to come of your marriage.

Hawaiian Blessings

Hawaiians consider rainfall a blessing from the gods on a wedding day. Of course you don’t want too much rain, just a sprinkle. If you do not live in Hawaii, you would be well advised to pick a professional wedding coordinator on the particular island of your choice who knows about these factors and can put together the best package possible for your budget.

Even more importantly, the wedding planner will be able to recommend a reliable wedding photographer to get those ultimate shots just as the sun goes down. On each island there are locations on the north and south shores with great sunset views, often better than westerly shore locations. Between the local coordinator and photographer, they should be able to recommend the perfect site for the size and theme of your wedding.

The photographs of your Hawaii sunset wedding are a critical consideration when it comes to planning the precise timing of the celebration. When the sun sets, from when it is hanging just above or on the horizon line, there is less than a fifteen minute envelope of time to set up the classic keepsake shots. This is perfect light for a photographer with the right equipment and a good eye for setting up memorable poses. It is not, however, good light for all the rest of their photos; ceremony, group shots, formal poses, candid moments, portrait and beauty set up shots.

Be sure to schedule the ceremony early enough to allow the photographer time to compose the ultimate Hawaii sunset wedding photos just as the sun dips into the darkening Pacific Ocean.

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