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Make Your Own Hawaii Wedding Invitations

Imagine the delight as your friends and family get their formal Hawaii Wedding invitation in the mail. You’ve been envisioning just the look and feeling you want to convey for this special day and now it begins with the personal touch given to your invitations.

Those you invite will receive a wonderful tactile pleasure, full of anticipation and delight, that comes with opening the odd sized envelope they just received. Then extracting the second elegant enclosed envelope and unfolding the beautiful heavy bond card inside.

There are many companies on the internet that offer a variety of designs for invitations that include matching party favors and accessories, however there are not a lot of choices for specialized Hawaii Wedding Invitations. You may just want to design your own invitations. The theme of your Hawaii wedding needs to be conveyed in the invitations, so guests can bring appropriate bridal gifts.

Designing Your Own Invitations

Creating Your Own Wedding InvitationsMost large stationery stores and even department stores that sell office supplies and cards have a variety of blank wedding invitation sets available complete with envelopes and card stock that you can print on an ink jet printer.

Really have some fun and come up with your own personal designs and make them as formal or playful as suits your taste. With a little searching on your computer, you can find some free or inexpensive design elements such as tasteful floral clip art, elegant fonts, even the special wording of the card. This is an excellent way to stay within a budget and still have something guests will save as a cherished keepsake.

Wedding invitations also need to provide some vital information for your guests in addition to conveying the overall theme of the occasion. Of course you want to include the date and location, perhaps even a simple map. Always spell out the full names of the bride and groom. The date should also be spelled out. For example: Sunday the twenty third of April, two thousand and twelve. The year can be written as numerals (2012) if you like, depending on how formal you want the presentation to be.

Don’t forget to include a contact phone number and, perhaps an e-mail address so people can RSVP or receive some advice for wedding gifts. If you are going to have a registry for gifts at a local store, this information is essential to include.

Your Hawaiian wedding invitations should have designs that are consistent with the theme of the celebration and match your choice of party favors and accessories. It might be a good idea to include the menu options for the reception in the invitations. Traditional Hawaiian cuisine consists of pork lau-lau, huli-huli chicken, raw fish pok’e, poi, and a variety of tropical fruits and nuts such as papaya, guava, avocado and macadamia nuts. Some guests may have specific dietary requirements that you’ll want to accommodate.

Make your Hawaii wedding invitations simple, personal, and elegant so all your beloved guests will feel honored to attend and put that lovely invitation among their treasured keepsakes.

Free Wedding Invitation Templates

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