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Tips for Deciding on Which Hawaii Wedding Package

Hawaii has been long famous as the ultimate dream wedding location: great beaches, warm ocean waters, sun, surf, perfect weather year round, spectacular scenery, Elvis Presley, Blue Hawaii. But how do you make your dream wedding actually happen? Hawaii is so far away! The easiest, and probably most affordable way, is to choose from one of the Hawaii wedding packages that is tailored to your individual budget and wedding preferences.

When you begin to search the net you are going to find hundreds of different wedding packages. So, before you start to go into caffeine overload carefully scrutinizing all the wedding event sites looking for the one that just “calls” to you, narrow the field by discerning what it is you want to fulfill your once in a lifetime perfect Hawaii wedding.

Coordinators Serve the Client

Terry and Leandra's Wedding Ceremony

Terry and Leandra's Hawaiian Wedding Ceremony

Wedding coordination is a service oriented business and the packages offered by the numerous companies are designed to help simplify your choices and to make your important decisions easier.

Many packages include such things as setting up your marriage license appointment, limousine service to area hotels, free leis, choice of bouquet and a variety of vows.

However, if you know ahead of time what you want, picking the perfect package or crafting it yourself, will make your wedding coordination life, and that of your eventual local hawaii wedding coordinator, all that much easier.

Narrow it Down

First, pick an island! Check out the “personalities” of each island: Maui, perhaps the most popular, has many activities and night life. Kauai, the “Garden Island,” is more laid back, yet endowed with luscious beauty and broad sandy beaches. Oahu has big city Honolulu and Waikiki, and probably the least expensive prices for the ceremony and services. Hawaii, the “Big Island”, has an incredibly diverse array of natural settings, from an often live volcano to black sand beaches. Molokai and Lanai are quite remote and can be the ultimate get away for your sacred private ceremony.

Choosing a Wedding Videographer & Photo Package

A Video & Photo Wedding Package

Next, decide what sort of photography and, perhaps, video package you want. These can vary wildly if not included in an overall wedding package, so again, compare prices.

Most coordinators have photographers, video companies and for that matter, most other vendors they work with all the time to obtain the best prices.

The ultimate decision is how much you want to be catered to during your wedding. Leaving the coordinating up to a reputable company with a great selection of Hawaiian wedding packages may be your best bet. Let them schedule a limousine to pick you up at your hotel, deliver you in elegant style to the wedding site, then whisk you and your new spouse off to a prearranged romantic dinner.

Why not? It’s your wedding — to be remembered for a lifetime!

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