Rachel and Albert's Magical Beach Wedding

Plan Well in Advance for Your Dream Wedding

When you have finally decided to follow your dreams and have your wedding in one of the most romantic locations in the world, choose carefully from the hundreds of local coordinators to provide your Hawaii wedding services.

It will take some time online searching the internet, but if you compare wedding packages (most professional wedding service companies in Hawaii have two or three basic packages) you may find prices in Hawaii, where so many weddings are held, to be very reasonable or even lower than comparable services in your home town.

Of course, your home town is not likely to have broad beaches swept by tropical breezes, deep azure seas rising in glistening waves, and distant verdant mountains laced with waterfalls seeming to stream out of the clouds. So you’ve made the right choice to hold your sacred ceremony on your special day in exotic Hawaii.

Choosing a Hawaii Wedding Location

Love on the BeachBut, which island do you choose? And what about location, professional video and photography, flowers, music and a dozen other questions?

Feel free to actually interview several Hawaii wedding service providers by phone or email. If you feel comfortable with one of them because they have been responsive and knowledgeable about your questions, and they do business on the island of your choice, that could be the company you want to engage to avoid a lot of the stress associated with planning such a special occasion.

Each island has its own unique personality and lifestyle.

About the Islands

Rachel and Albert's Rainbow Wedding

Rachel and Albert's Rainbow Wedding on Kauai

Oahu: This is the most developed of the islands in the Hawaiian chain. It is the home to the bustling international city of Honolulu, has some fine resort locations and parks in and around the city and on its lovely north shore

Maui: This island is a very popular honeymoon destination and have many outdoor activities as well as a vibrant night life.

Hawaii: Hawaii is the proper name of the Big Island. It boasts some of the most diverse locations in the world from Volcano Park to black sand beach and tropical rain forest.

Kauai: Also known as The Garden Isle this northern island is the most rural and laid back of the major islands, boasting broad uncrowded beaches, ancient Hawaiian ceremonial sites, and lush flower gardens, and frequent rainbows.

Beaches on all of the Hawaiian islands are free to the public, but most resorts, chapels and private gardens do charge a site fee.

Once you have decided on which island, it is time to envision the kind of ceremony you want. Formal weddings with groom in a tuxedo and bride in full white gown and veil look fabulous, especially to your professional photographer, against the lush greens and blues of Hawaii. A less formal ceremony, perhaps barefoot on the beach, can be lots of fun and filled with high emotion. Consider also, a traditional Hawaiian theme with a local musician strumming sweet slack key guitar songs after a conch shell blowing and opening blessing chanted in Hawaiian.

Remember to start planning well in advance so you can be sure to book all the Hawaii wedding services needed to make your dreams of a wedding in paradise come true.

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