How to Get a Great Hawaii Wedding Video

When the great day of your long awaited and carefully planned wedding ceremony in Hawaii finally dawns, you don’t want to be worrying about whether or not you’re going to get a great Hawaii wedding video. The surest way to let your mind rest easy about it is to hire a good local video production company with years of experience working in the islands. THis doesn’t exclude the possibility that your cousin Vinny with his new digital camcorder can make a good video, but we’ll get to that later.

Hawaii is such a popular wedding destination, there has grown a lively production industry specializing in weddings. Many of these companies use state of art cameras and editing systems that rival the best wedding video production facilities found on the U.S. mainland. Still, there are some questions you need to have answered before you sign a contract and send your money off to to the distant Hawaiian Islands.

Shopping for a video company begins on the internet. Compare prices and determine how elaborate a video you want and can afford. Some companies instruct you to call for a quote. Go ahead and call, but reserve your commitment until you’ve gotten several candidates on your list and have called all of them as well. When you do talk to each of them, make note of how you feel about their manner. Are they friendly and open to answering questions? Remember, they will be mingling with all the most important people in your life and participating in one of the most precious days of your life.

3-Chip Digital Cameras

Look further on the web sites (or ask on the phone) to find out what kind of cameras they use. The best companies today use what are called 3-chip digital cameras or better. Also, the company must be using a nonlinear (meaning computer) editing system. This preserves the same quality of image throughout the editing process as in the original camera tape. However, in the final analysis, it is the talent behind the camera more than the quality of the equipment that makes the difference.

Which brings us to cousin Vinny and his new camera. If this is his first video project where he’s going to learn how to use his new gear, you might think of just letting him go ahead and shoot, but hire the video company as well. But maybe he really does have some experience. There’s a lot to be said for the fact that he knows you and most of the guests. He may get some fun shots an outsider may not. However, you need to ask the same questions you ask a professional outfit. Especially ask what kind of microphones he has. One, or even better, two wireless lavaliere mics are essential. Using the built-in mic on the camera will mean you won’t hear the vows clearly, especially for an outdoor Hawaiian ceremony with wind and possibly surf noise in the background.

Find a balance between budget, expectations of quality, and peace of mind as you decide about your Hawaii wedding video.

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