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Hawaiian Theme Wedding Shower Invitations

Having a wedding shower before the nuptials is a venerable tradition that can be a lot of fun. Often the bridal shower party will have a theme, so why not Hawaiian? Whether the wedding will be held in Hawaii or in your home town, you’ll need some hawaiian wedding shower invitations to let everyone know to dress appropriately and get creative with the gift giving.

The invitation art will need to be designed with a theme, whether traditional or just plain fun; if this is going to be an “all girl” gathering, you may want to focus on certain bridal themes that can be a bit risque; if it’s going to be a more inclusive party with family and friends of both sexes, perhaps you want to have a Hawaiian Luau (pronounced loo-ow), meaning ‘a feast’.

Quite often this party is arranged by someone other than the bride or groom, perhaps the bride’s maid (or matron) or the best man. Whoever the event planners are, you need to start organizing early, starting with the look of the announcement; what kind of paper, clip art, wording, type of font, etc. The Hawaii wedding shower invitation should reflect the decor you envision for the site of the party (palm trees, sand and volcanoes?) and let guests know what accessories to bring if you’ll be playing games. The guests may want to bring their photo albums with fun old pictures of the bride and groom from years ago.

Special Touches

Another fun thing to include in the invitations is a translation of each guest’s name into Hawaiian. Just search the internet for “translate Hawaiian names”. You can then greet each guest by their Hawaiian name and perhaps “lei” them with a flower or affordable shell lei.

If you are fortunate enough to be doing the party and wedding in Hawaii, hire a local musician to play some traditional Hawaiian songs which are full of double entendre and suggestive sexual innuendo. It’s the nature of the Hawaiian language, soft and melodious and sensual.

If your budget allows, see if you can also get some Hawaiian dancers who will really spice up the party and even teach everyone how to hula.

The Hawaiian wedding shower invitation should also include a mention of the menu for the party and what sort of gifts are appropriate. Appetizers in Hawaii are called “pupus” and generally consist of smoked or raw fish (“poke”), poi (delicious pounded taro root), fruits like papaya, banana, coconut, pineapple, and macadamia nuts. A full on luau menu would include roast pork, “huli huli” chicken (rotisserie roasted), rice, grilled fresh fish and more poi, lots of poi.

Have fun with your Hawaii theme shower, it’s a fabulous way for a bride and/or groom to say goodbye to single life and a big aloha to their union as a married couple.

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