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Tips for Successful Honeymoon or Vacation Travel

In the hectic schedule of planning your wedding and guest list, be sure not to forget about the honeymoon! Honeymoon and vacation destinations are only limited by you and your loved one’s interests and budget, so be sure to choose wisely.

Planning the logistics of your honeymoon or vacation should be planned out well in advance in order to avoid problems later. Which airline or cruise-line will suit your needs the most? Conducting the proper research is necessary in order to find the best deals.

HoneyMoon Planning Checklist

Honest Planning: In order to choose a vacation destination, you first have to have an idea of what you truly want. Is it also going to be friend and family vacation considering the guests in your wedding party? Are you looking for a romantic getaway for just you and your spouse? Are you staying at a relative’s house for part of the time, or are you looking for a resort for the honeymoon? Once you have answered all these questions, then you can begin to figure out the appropriate destination.

Saving Money: One option for saving money can involve combining your wedding and honeymoon location by keeping them in the same region or within close proximity. This is possible even if you and you to be spouse are traveling to a destination or if you are inviting friends and family, either way you will save a considerable amount of money as opposed to having a honeymoon halfway across the world from where your wedding took place.

The Right Weather: Regardless of the time of year you choose to marry, there is always a location available for your honeymoon that will satisfy your taste. If you want to get married in the winter time, but want your honeymoon to be in a summer-like environment, then the best place choice is a tropical paradise somewhere in the southern hemisphere, such as Australia or South America.

Red and Pink Parasols Against the Bue Hawaii SkyComfortable Guests: Getting married under the hot Caribbean sun is hard on the bride and groom but also on the guests. Help out your guest by supplying them with colorful paper parasols to use during your ceremony if you are planning your event during the hottest part of the day. Not only will they be more comfortable, but your wedding pictures will be more colorful!

Helpful Reviews: One great resource for honeymoon travel planning is a site called This travel resource provides an abundant amount of information on hotels, destinations, and just about anything necessary for planning a vacation. All reviews are written by real travelers, so everything is quite objective and useful.

Vacation Apartments: When on vacation, there are more options for locations to stay than the usual hotels and motels. You can make a wonderful home away from home with apartment accommodations that include great features like full kitchens and multiple bedrooms. Rates for apartment accommodations are very competitive as there’s a lot of great deals available.

Once all honeymoon and travel plans are booked well in advance, then you can start planning the lesser details such as daily schedule. Just make sure that, with all your travel arrangements, you include down time to have an enjoyable and relaxing trip that you’ll remember for years to come.

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