How to Plan a Hawaii Beach Wedding

A soft tropical breeze sways the trees on a sun drenched Hawaiian Island sandy beach swept by the surf from an azure sea while you and your beloved share the vows of a lifetime. It’s your dream come true, a Hawaii beach wedding, and it is not such an impossible dream at all. With a bit of planning and some imagination you can find yourself on a jet plane crossing the Pacific Ocean for a rendezvous with romance in paradise.

Beach weddings can be as simple as just the two of you and a minister, or as elaborate as any church wedding complete with tuxedo and full gown, teary guests, bridesmaids and groomsmen, champagne, cake and a tossed bouquet. Because Hawaii is world famous as an ideal destination wedding location, there are lots of companies specializing in wedding services. However, since it is so far away, over two thousand miles from the west coast of the mainland of the United States, for a celebration of any size you would be well advised to hire the services of a local professional wedding coordinator who will know the most reliable photographers, videographers, florists, caterers, musicians, etc.

The Hawaii Lei Exchange

For even the simplest ceremony some of the flavor of Hawaii will make your special day even more memorable. Lovely Hawaiian lei for everyone can be given away in a traditional lei exchange ceremony conducted by the bride and groom or the minister in charge. A local Hawaiian musician playing guitar or ukulele and singing songs of your choice or some of the many classic Hawaiian tunes can set a mood of romance and enchantment. Many musicians will also blow a conch shell to begin and conclude the celebration, a tradition as ancient as the Hawaiian people.

All beaches in the Hawaiian Islands are public and free of any fees for their use. However, prohibitions against alcohol and loud music are strictly enforced on the most popular beaches. A simple champagne toast and musician are tolerated, but plan on holding your reception somewhere else or at a private estate overlooking the beach. There are also numerous public parks along some of the island’s beaches with restrooms, covered pavilions and places to erect a large tent or canopy. These require a permit to reserve which is free but needs to be booked well in advance.

A Hawaii beach wedding can be the greatest romantic adventure of your life, so dream on and make it come true.

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