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4 Tips for Planning a Remarkable Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is a big part of the wedding experience and almost as important as the wedding ceremony itself. It is a time for the bride and groom to be with the friends and family that have supported their marriage.

The reception should reflect that of the wedding ceremony in formality as well as the time of day it is taken place. The look of the reception can go many ways; from formal to informal. It is a good idea to have the help of a coordinator and caterer with the preparations. This helps to get exactly the type of wedding reception you want, without all of the preparation hassle. The preparations can be completed during the wedding ceremony, thus reducing the time that the guests will have to wait for the festivities to begin.

The following are some tips for helping with the wedding reception.

Choosing a Wedding Caterer

pic-festive-food-wedding-tropical-1One of the best parts of any wedding reception is the food.

The bride needs to have a good caterer to provide that quality of food for their guests to enjoy, and keeping the guests happy will make for a great reception that won’t be forgotten.

There are many caterers out there and each may specialize in different types of foods.

Make sure to look at your options so you have the best to choose from.

Wedding Reception Flowers

Many receptions rooms have flowers decorating the room and tables.

Flowers provide color to the tables and bring life into the room. A flower center piece decoration is always a nice touch. Keep in mind that many of the guests may want to take a part of the flower center piece home with them. If this is the case then it may be a good time to have a few take home pieces available.

The Wedding Cake

pic-wedding-cake-toppers-1Every wedding has to have a wedding cake for the bride and groom to cut, it is tradition. The style, however, can be very different depending on the bride and groom’s preference. Wedding cakes can be very large or small, white or strawberry pink; it may even have a cream filling in the middle.

Cake Toppers

Many wedding cakes have a topper that decorates the cake; it brings the cake to life. The most traditional method involves little figurines of the bride and groom sitting upon the cake. However, nowadays, many choose a variety of figures instead of traditional ones; these could be animals, their initials, or maybe a simple picture of the bride and groom.

The wedding reception is a great time for celebration and the food and decorations will reflect the type of atmosphere you are trying to present. Make sure that your reception matches that of the wedding ceremony atmosphere. It will help to ensure that your wedding is planned to perfection.

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