Follow Your Dreams When Planning Your Renewal of Wedding Vows Ceremony

There’s an old saying that “love’s better the second time around.” It may be true or not, but everyone loves to see a couple that’s been happily and successfully married for 5, 10, 25 or 50 years. We love celebrating Silver and Gold Anniversaries with loved ones because we all get to share in their joy. In today’s world and in some countries, where one out of 2 marriages ends in divorce, the prospect of “till death do us part,” is rare indeed and should be celebrated.

Timing of Renewal Ceremonies

After a life-time of love and devotion a couple may want to have their marriage blessed with a second wedding ceremony for renewal of vows. Renewal ceremonies are usually planned around anniversary dates but they can be held anytime.

If a marriage has been rocky but with a lot of work and understanding problems began eventually to fade away – this too is a good reason to renew your vows, as a symbolic act of forgiveness and leaving the past behind. There are few rules for the renewal ceremony except that the couple be legally married.

Planning Your Renewal Vow Ceremony

Renewal services can be large, small, elaborate or intimate with as many or few guess as you like. They can be held at your home, church, a park, the beach or on a fabulous island such as Hawaii. Family and friends are a key ingredients and children and grandchildren welcome guests of honor. You may want to ask guests that attended your wedding to be witnesses for the renewal of vows ceremony. Or, you can ask your children or the grandkids to participate by lighting the unity candles. They will be pleased to be a part of your ceremony and express their love in such a beautiful way.

Although some couples love the whoopla of dressing up, many people like the ceremony to be more casual. A reception is optional and most couples will want to have refreshments of some kind served if not a brunch or sit-down dinner. Your budget and circumstances will guide you in your final selection. Remember, no one will be disappointed with your choice – you’ve earned the right to have the ceremony you want.

You may also want to exchange rings again and can use your original rings, new rings purchased for the anniversary or a second set to add to the original ones. There are no hard and fast rules so feel free to plan something special or highly meaningful to include in your ceremony.

Your vows are the highlight of the celebration so let your feelings guide you. Be as emotional or private as you’d like. Some couples surprise each other by writing their own vows and reading them to each other for the first time at the service. Other couples write poems to each other or write their renewal vows together. If this is too personal, you can always tell the person officiating that you would like to use the standard renewal vows for the occasion.

Gift Giving Options and Ideas

For those couples who are financially well-off, renewal celebrations often turn into extravagant occasions that may involve an expense paid family reunion at a vacation resort or a cruise. Couples who were not able to afford a big wedding with all the trimmings, may want to satisfy that desire even late in life, by planning a special renewal of vows ceremony to make up for the small budget wedding.

Gift-giving is optional for guests and family, but many couples will mention their favorite charity on the invitations in lieu of gifts for themselves. The couple will look forward to receiving a thank you note from the charity for gifts of money made on their behalf. If the children want to get a special gift for their parents besides, a corsage for the bride and a boutonniere for the groom would be special.

Whatever choices you decide on, remember that you have many options for your renewal of vows ceremony and can follow your dreams wherever they take you.

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