How to Plan a Hawaii Same Sex Wedding

Several years ago a proposition was presented to voters in the state to make a couple’s Hawaii same sex wedding legally binding with all the benefits and obligations of a traditional marriage. It was narrowly defeated due to a huge influx of cash and public relations experts who ran a massive campaign of direct mail, TV spots, billboards, print ads and speeches at community events funded by conservative church organizations and right wing republican groups from the mainland. Nonetheless, Hawaii is still a great destination for a memorable romantic wedding or to take your vows of commitment. The spirit of Aloha prevails in the hearts of the people of Hawaii, so you can have your ceremony without any interference from the local population or tourists on vacation.

Because your marriage cannot be sanctioned by the state you do not need a license or a licensed minister. This means you can have a friend lead the ceremony or even do it just between yourselves. Still, it adds power to your words and vows to recite them in front of a third party, so search the internet and find a coordinator who has no reservations about a same sex wedding. They can also help you find a location, get flowers, limo, cake, champagne, music, etc.

Same Sex Church Weddings

If you do want a formal church wedding, remember not all ministers or officiates will perform same gender ceremonies, it is a matter of personal conviction for the individual to decide. Many churches will not sanction them or allow the ceremony in their facilities.

For a same sex marriage try contacting the Unitarian-Universalist Association, the Metropolitan Community Church or the United Church of Christ. In the Jewish faith try the Reformed Association.

Writing vows is the heart of any marriage ceremony. Any officiate you find will have some standard vows, but since the whole affair is so very personal and not legally sanctioned, you are free to dispense with tradition and speak wholly from the heart. Also, you can include just about any kind of favorite ritual, traditional or completely made up between yourselves in the choreography of the event itself.

Hand binding rituals (as seen in the Mel Gibson movie Braveheart) are very popular these days. Include some of your favorite music to make your Hawaii same sex wedding especially memorable. You and your beloved are taking a courageous untraditional step, so feel free to customize the celebration to your very personal tastes.

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