Kauai Wedding Video

Starring YOU as Romantic Leads in your own Exquisite Video Story.


Edited Video Includes

Coverage of your Ceremony, Romantic Beauty Shots, Location, and Music

Titles over lovely scenics shot on the day and location of your ceremony, Romantic montage of the two of you on that special day (music of your choosing behind this part), the ceremony in it’s entirety with clear audio (no music added), beautiful scenes of after-ceremony celebrations and play (again with music of your choice).

Our experienced staff captures these special memories you will cherish forever with a professional grade Sony HDR-AX2000 camera, two Sony UHF wireless lavaliere mics, and state-of-art FCPX editing.

Your Movie on DVD: $795.00
Blue Ray Available for additional $200
Additional DVD copies: $85

Hawaii State General Excise Tax Rate @ 4.17% will be added to the total.
All prices are subject to change.


“Just wanted to write and tell you what a wonderful job you did on our wedding video. We were, at first, apprehensive about spending the money to have a video done at our wedding. However, after seeing the video you made for us, we were so happy we chose you to do it. Kathie had to watch it at least three times in a row. And each time she did, she cried like a baby. The wedding songs we selected were perfect and the way you put them into your production were fantastic.”

Dave and Kathie McGhee, Long Beach, CA


“I just wanted to let you know that we received all four copies of the wedding video and it is WONDERFUL! I really like the way it is put together. The music and the blending of the shots and the overall tone of it is just lovely. I’m so happy with the way this turned out.”

Kathy and Jean Michel, San Diego, CA


“We received the wedding videos yesterday, and we absolutely LOVE the edited version! It turned out so beautifully! It is just so lovely that I can’t find the words to express the emotions we felt while watching it. I could see it 100 times in a row and not get tired of it! We thank Curtis from the bottom of our hearts for doing such a wonderful job in putting it all together. It is something we will cherish forever because of the many wonderful memories it brings back.”

Patty and Evertjan Krupiartz, Leiden, Netherlands