Tropical Flower Centerpieces

Wedding Centerpieces: Setting the Decorative Theme for Your Wedding

The beautiful assortment of flowers you see on each table at the reception is called a wedding centerpiece. The theme for this wedding incorporated the popular hawaiian flower the Anthurium.

Beautiful Wedding CenterpiecesWhen your guests, family and wedding party leave the site of the wedding ceremony and head for the reception, they will be basking in the grand emotions of the sacred vows, the love overflowing, the beauty of two people in love coming together. Arriving at the hall, restaurant, hotel ballroom or private home they will have composed themselves somewhat and be eager to participate in celebrating with feasting and toasting to the blessed couple.

Now is when all the planning and preparation of the preceding months prove to be worth all the time and effort that it took to plan this grand event. The decorations, flowers, accessories, wedding favors and especially the wedding centerpieces on each table will set the mood according to a theme vision you’ve had for this grand event.

Predominate Color Schemes

Anthurium CenterpiecesAs each precious guest finds their way to their seat at a table, they enter into a realm of your imagination. Perhaps you’ve engaged the assistance of a reception planner, in which case you will have learned the importance of continuity of theme regarding predominant color schemes and floral design to match the bouquet and gown, lighting, music, seating arrangements (often a delicate affair) and the overall mood you wish to create. Your wedding coordinator or reception planner can present you with many variations to inspire your own creativity and vision.

However, if you are the artistic type, good with arts and crafts projects and can enlist the help of some like minded friends, you may want to make your own wedding centerpieces that reflect the unique impulses from your heart. It is your opportunity to express whatever theme sparks your imagination on your wedding day. You can create a theme that is simple and elegant like a candle in a cube frame, perhaps with designs drawn or painted on its paper or glass walls, setting on a floral bed replete with ferns and baby’s breath garnish.

Or you may want to find some unglazed pots at your local nursery, paint them a solid color, then wrap them with a few plant leaves or inexpensive lace, spray paint again with a complementary color and gently remove the lace or leaves to reveal a lovely subtle pattern. Fill the pot with flowers and ribbons of your choice spilling over onto the table and there you have a perfect wedding centerpiece.

Anthurium CenterpiecesA scented candle floating with some little brass bowl chimes in an elegant bowl surrounded with flower petals and bridal favors make simple yet beautiful centerpieces.

You can even pick up some small round boxes with lids, cover them with satin and fill them with chocolates for some very dreamy centerpieces. Little wire baskets also make excellent centerpiece holders. Remember to make your wedding centerpieces no more than about twelve inches high so you guests don’t have to strain to look around them.

Most of all, have fun designing your reception down to the last details and your guests are sure to have fun as well.

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