Wedding Decorations: Have Fun Setting the Theme

Your wedding is a long awaited opportunity to not only confirm your love for that special person, but to express with wedding decorations the visions, ideas and dreams for this day you have always nourished and now have the chance to make into reality.

Two main considerations are choosing a theme and determining a budget. If you are the artsy-craftsy type, or can enlist some friends who are, you can have a lot of fun with this project. The alternative is to hire a decorator who specializes in weddings and work with them to make your dreams come true.

Whichever route you decide upon, remember to carry the theme and color scheme from your bouquet and gown through all of your wedding decorations at the ceremony and the reception.

Choosing & Placing Your Wedding Decorations

Church weddings necessitate a more formal conservative decorative motif. However, since the reception will be held at a different location, the party decorations can be as flamboyant or whimsical as you like. Still, you can add some color and elegance inside the church; floral arrangements flanking the altar, a pretty little girl preceding the bride down the aisle spreading rose petals, satin ribbon or pastel tulle (inexpensive veil netting) swags linking the pews along the aisle, and, perhaps, a flower bedecked arch over the spot where the vows will be taken. Remember to assign a reliable clean up crew to restore the church to its pristine pre-ceremony condition as soon as everyone leaves.

At the reception party, decorate the steps leading up to the door and the entryway with an expression of the theme and color scheme of the wedding decorations of the grand affair. Strings of tiny one color Christmas lights in a leafy arch around the door or candles set on top of rented pedestals or stands can help your guests feel they are entering a joyous new world of celebration.

Just inside the door, you can place a reception table with wedding favors as an expression of your appreciation to attendees. This is also a great place for a photo collage or collection of framed photos of the bride and groom, family and friends at various times from their past. Put a few chocolates, floral decorations and candles on the table as well.

All the tables holding decorations, favors, drinks, hors’douevres or buffet should be skirted to the floor. Elevate the food platters to various heights with bricks or books under a solid colored cloth and place votive candles and sprigs of leaves or flowers about the table.

Centerpieces for the guests’ tables and the main table are a world of art and creativity unto themselves and are considered in another article. Suffice it to say they, too, want to continue the theme and color scheme of the rest of your wedding decorations so your special day will be memorable for all who are honored to attend.


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