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Art Of The Wedding Hair Style

Your wedding day is two weeks away and it’s time to think about your wedding hair style.

“Hair”! What subject has produced more anxiety, fears, tears and rituals, bottles, brushes, and gossip than that of the almighty wedding hairstyle, the coiffure of the bride. Any bad hair day is cause enough for us to shutter, stutter and utter “what will I do with my hair”?

Brides are often confused about how to wear their hair – whether to leave it simple, or to go for an elaborate effect. The key is to balance simplicity with a style that highlights your face.

Bridal hairstyles want to reflect the brides’ personality and personal style. The “natural” days are coming to an end as the modern bride looks for “more” from her wedding day salon services. More fun, more beauty, and more individuality are what brides are in search of. Creative personal touches adding flowers or tiaras help originate a “signature touch” for the couples’ big day.

Rene's Hairstyle with Tropical FlowersIf you have a wedding theme, you might choose a hair style to go along with that theme. Will you want curls, bangs, braiding or add extensions to your hair. Your wedding gown may also dictate your hairstyle

You want the person who styles your hair to take the best care in making your beauty shine as you walk down that aisle. Your intent is to pick the right salon, one for your very special dressy affair. You want to be treated like a celebrity by the person who styles your hair and gives it that natural yet very elegant look.

There is a right way to style your hair be it thick, fine, tangled, long, short, curly or straight.

Hair styles depend on the length of the bride’s hair. Not much you can do with very short hair, except wear a wig, which most brides don’t want to do. Many brides get an ‘updo’, which refers to a high crown of hair. For a wild-child look, you could try a soft perm with a few strands escaping to caress the cheek. You also have to decide on whether or not to wear a jeweled tiara as an accessory and whether it will be a tiny center-piece, or a prominent one which spans the head like a band.

You could wear flowers in your hair, as was the original ancient practice and often a bride’s choice when in tropical weddings.

5 Wedding Hairstyle Tips

  1. The time of day of your wedding will help you choose a style. Loose natural styles are appropriate for informal or daytime weddings, while up-do’s portray a formal, evening look.
  2. Have a “test run,” walk around with the hairstyle you plan to wear to feel its comfort level. A good rule: the simpler, the better, since pins can hurt, and intricate styles are often delicate.
  3. Remember that some hairstyles can add inches to a bride’s height, If you are short, you may want to use this to your advantage.
  4. Hair color looks its best the first two weeks, so have your hair colored a week to two weeks before the wedding.
  5. If you are going to perm your hair, have it done a month prior to the wedding.

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