Diana's Wedding Hairstyle for a Beach Wedding

Wedding Hairstyle Tips for Bride and Groom

For a perfect hair day, we must not forget the wedding hairstyles of the groom, the groom’s men and the bridesmaids.

The “beautiful people” don’t just live in Hollywood, they are also our everyday neighbors, friends, sisters, brothers or cousins who are about to get married. They come alive when they style their hair to frame the face. Really anyone in the wedding party might enjoy a hair consultation to find a “new do” that adds pizazz or style.

Not everyone’s face is designed to wear a short hairstyle. Just the same is true with long hair. The shape of the face, the height and color take part in creating an appealing look.

Let us begin with the bride and turn the page to the color and style of cosmetics used to match skin tone and wedding dress: the bride’s total bridal look has to be taken into consideration, everything must balance. The bride’s choice of wedding gown sets the tone for the entire ceremony, and the hair design has to evoke the same feeling.

Getting That Head to Toe Look

The wedding gown can also dictate the texture of the finished hair design. For instance, a smooth, shiny updo of curls or glossy slick straight hair complements a smooth satin gown. In contrast, a gown of sweeping tulle is beautifully accented by soft flowing curls.

Your look from head to toe also has a silhouette, either horizontal or vertical. A full skirt is horizontal and best balanced by a wider hair design and/or full veiling. A vertical look that is narrow and slim is complemented by a hair design of the same lines; it could be a bob tucked behind the ears or a narrow pile of curls on top of the head with loose curls flowing down the cheeks.

The head to toe look needs to have certain proportions to have a balanced effect. The bride with short hair who is wearing an ornate full traditional dress needs to remember to balance her look with the appropriate headpiece. Likewise, the petite bride with too much hair might think about wearing it up or pulled back to draw the eye vertically.

Theme Wedding Gowns

A specific Theme wedding such as renaissance, retro, or swing create a great opportunity to have certain accents make your hairstyle fun and innovative, a perfect attention getter.

Time of day set for your wedding also has a bearing on your hairstyle and headpiece you choose. For a day or morning wedding a more casual look is needed with less glitz and sparkle. Headbands, flowers, wreaths, and hats are perfect for day or morning ceremonies. Save the jewels, sparkle, and tiaras for more formal evening weddings.

We don’t want to leave the groom’s hairstyle out of the picture. Here are some tips for the groom to have that appealing look reserved for male movie stars such as Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe and Johnny Depp. They have medium length hair and keep a hairstyle that looks sophisticated and neat, while maintaining a carefree lifestyle look. You can combine the hairstyles of your favorite stars and create a perfect look that brings out who you are keeping the face shape in mind and the direction of the way the hair naturally grows.

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