Wedding Ideas: From a Bride’s Vision to an Affordable Plan

Planning a wedding often involves combining wedding ideas from a number of well meaning sources, but the most important ideas need to have as their source the bride’s vision that may have been forming since she was a little girl.

All of these ideas and visions will also be tempered by budget considerations. Should one or both sets of parents be footing the bill, they definitely need to be included in at least the early stages of planning. They have probably seen many more weddings and will have some practical advice as to what ideas work on the special day and which would best be avoided.

Selecting a Wedding Theme

Start by selecting a theme to be carried from the invitations through the ceremony and to the reception.

One of the most important factors in determining a theme is the location where the celebrations are slated to take place. Outdoor settings generally require less decorating than indoor. A church wedding is going to tend toward more formal and traditional themes and decorations. Private homes will restrict the size of the wedding party so decorating can be restricted to the area where the ceremony is conducted and the food tables. Rented halls present the greatest decorating challenge and the most flexibility for choosing a theme.

Creating a Memorable Wedding for Everyone

When the theme and location have been decided, it may be time to talk to a reputable professional wedding consultant who will know “how-to”, “where-to” and “how-much”.

A good coordinator can save a lot of time and money especially if you want to book a band or DJ, find a great reliable caterer, get chairs, tables, limo or those special decorating materials needed to fulfill the vision of a perfect wedding.

The secret to a unique memorable celebration is to personalize it and make it fun for all. Put a few disposable cameras on a table at the entrance to the ceremony and on each table at the reception and tell your guests to shoot to their hearts content. collect them at the end of the day to get some great candid shots the professional photographer could never get.

Speaking of photos; every wedding has a guest sign in book. Have one of the attendants stand by the book with a Polaroid camera and place pictures of the guests on the page where they sign in with comments. If the ceremony is going to be videotaped, some wedding video companies offer a service where they can show a quick edit of the ceremony on a screen at the reception. This is guaranteed to remoisten all those teary eyes from the original ceremony only this time everyone will be able to hear the vows.

These are just a few basic wedding ideas. The key is to let the imagination free and personalize that very special day.

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