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Budgeting for a Wedding Video and On Location Photography

Pick any island in Hawaii for your wedding and you have a perfectly beautiful location for a professional Hawaii wedding photographer to ply his or her craft.

Each island has its own personality and charm and by choosing a local photographer he or she will know how to coordinate your event at one of best locations with beach, garden or mountain backdrops for the ceremony. This is where fabulous images can be captured.

Whether you use an event coordinator or search for the photographer yourself, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself and the photographer before deciding on a ideal photo, or wedding package.

Planning Your Wedding Photos

Rachel's Beach WeddingThe first important question centers around your budget for the photography. You may also want to have a video taken of your special day, so you’ll have to strike a balance to preserve the lasting memories fully and completely.

Elaborate photograph packages may contain a photo session dedicated strictly to very high quality portraiture of the bride and groom and, perhaps, the wedding party, either in a studio setting or a location where the lighting can be strictly controlled. This would probably entail the use of a large or medium format camera to facilitate special printing techniques for a glamorous romantic feel to enlargements. These sessions can get very expensive, often thousands of dollars, so plan carefully.

The same photographer may be able to do the studio work and the ceremony, but it is not unusual to divide the services between two different photographers. The actual ceremony and reception are quite adequately handled with 35 mm SLR cameras. Their versatility and ease of use make them ideal for the changing conditions encountered, especially if the services are held out of doors. However, blow ups can be no larger than 8 inches by 12 inches from a 35 mm negative, so plan on these being the photographs for your wedding album.

Benefits of Digital Photography

Mike and Rachel's Wedding PhotosDigital photography has added a whole new dimension to the services a Hawaii wedding photographer can offer. While film photographs can easily be transferred to a CD or DVD, photos shot on a digital camera are already digitized and are ready to download onto a computer or directly to a printer.

Though a high end professional digital 35 mm SLR camera looks indistinguishable from its film counterpart, the capabilities are significantly different.

Photos from a digital camera set to its highest resolution can be blown up quite large without losing clarity and sharpness. Also, it is possible to capture many images, hundreds even, on a digital memory card without incurring the expense of buying an equivalent number of rolls of film. There are no developing costs with digital, however downloading, touching up images, and printing them from a computer can be very costly.

When it comes time to make your decision about photography, choose a Hawaii wedding photographer based on the look of the photos you see on his or her website. The format, quantity, and extent of the package can usually be negotiated along with the price. Talk to or email the photographer of your choice and be confident the images they capture will be memorable keepsakes you can share with friends, relatives and descendants for years to come.

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