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Wedding Photography: Preserving the Memories of Your Special Day

Amidst all the planning for your wedding day, the e-mails and phone calls and faxes, don’t forget to plan the wedding photography. After all, these photos will be what last long after the joy of celebration has passed bringing back memories of this special day for generations to come.

Your Wedding Photography Style & Specific Shots


Start by choosing a style of photography you want; formal, photojournalistic, posed or candid. Most likely you’ll want a combination of two or more styles.

Decide on a vision or feeling you would like the end results of your photo journal and convey this to a prospective wedding photographer.

pic-journal-candid-2In addition to style, feel free to start making a list of shots you definitely want to have. This list would include more intimate photos of the couple to family group shots. Be specific with this list because you do not want to have to make it up spontaneously on the spot when so much else is happening on that joyously chaotic day.

It will be a good idea to assign someone who knows most of the guests to hold that photo shot list and assist the photographer rounding up the designated groupings.

Beyond Traditional Shots

Washed by the Waves Rainbow Wedding PhotoBesides the usual bride and groom with parents, bride with bridesmaids and groom with best man shots, you may want to get a little playful with these otherwise static shots. Try having a row of groomsmen hold up the bride lying across their arms like a latter day Cleopatra, or surround the groom with a bevy of bridesmaids like a movie star on a poster.

Definitely leave room for the spur of the moment ideas that may come up, but you can also talk to your photographer who will no doubt have a few shots in mind that he’s tried before.

Photography Packages

Rainbow Weddings Studio Wedding SessionThe wedding photography package can also include a studio session on a separate day from the ceremony where perfectly lit and posed portrait photographs can be made suitable for framing or an album of their own. Often this session will be with a different photographer than the one who shoots the wedding day celebration though some photography companies can provide both services.

Black and white photos are becoming popular again, sometimes even tinted sepia by the lab for that old time look. It is not recommended that the entire photo shoot be in black and white, but ask the photographer to intersperse some while shooting the majority in color. After all, color photos, especially digital, can be converted to black and white later in the developing or on a computer.

Wedding Portrait Photos by Rainbow WeddingsWedding photography is an art form in itself, the results of which will be enjoyed for years and by friends and relatives for years. Make sure you put some thought and your own creativity into making the special day memorable.

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