Wedding Songs Create that Special Mood

When your wedding day arrives, the wedding songs you choose during planning for the ceremonies and reception will set an ambiance you’re sure to cherish forever.

When sharing that album of photos with friends, family, maybe children and, someday, grandchildren, these songs live in memory and can spark your recall of wonderful details that otherwise may fade. The tune you play for that first magical dance will bring you back to the feelings of love and hope and joy that were in the air that great day.

Getting Ideas for Your Wedding Song

Just think back to a season when your favorite song was on every station on the radio or a great album by your favorite artist was playing in the background when that special someone became the love of your life, now your bride or groom. Is there a song that belongs just to the two of you, a song that was playing when those first words of love and commitment were shared in whispers between you? That for sure is a must-play tune for your reception party.

Songs of love are as old as civilization itself. Egyptian and Sumerian love poems have been found that are over 3,500 years old. These beautiful lyrics would have been accompanied by a stringed instrument like a lyre and speak a familiar language of romance and sensuality we can recognize in our most current pop love tunes.

Barry White could sing the lyrics from this Sumerian love song circa 2000 BCE:

My dearest, my dearest,

my dearest, my darling,

My darling, my honey of her mother,

My fruitful vine, my honey-sweet,

My honey-mouthed of her mother!

Wedding Songs & Music at the Reception

Today we have literally thousands of great wedding songs, from Elvis to Pachelbel’s canon in D major, Sinatra to Vince Gill and Ode To Joy. If you are having a big reception after the wedding, ask your wedding planner if they know of any good bands in your area who could cover a list of songs you choose ahead of time.

If you’ll be using a DJ for dance music, you can send a list to see if they have the albums in their collection. For most bands and DJ’s who do a lot of weddings, this is a familiar part of their services. You can also go to your local music store or order on the internet the perfect music to suit your needs. You also may want to provide your videographer with CDs of favorite songs to include in your video.

On that special day when so much planning has gone into making the bridal gown or dress perfect and the groom dressed handsomely, make sure you have wedding songs that will live in your memories forever.

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