Simple and Elegant Wedding Flowers

Getting What You Want for Your Wedding

As we all know, wedding cakes and flowers are a huge part of weddings. In being such an important component to any wedding, they can also cost a great deal.

There are many routes you can take in order to save money for your wedding. Many of these money-saving tips will still provide sufficient flowers and wedding cakes without sacrificing quality and adequacy.

Tips on Wedding Cakes and Flowers

Pricing: As you will start to find out, for wedding cakes most bakeries will charge on a per slice basis. Some of these bakeries may charge anywhere from three to fifteen dollars a slice. In order to avoid any surprises in the form of hidden costs, inquire about any possible delivery costs or accessory rentals.


A Simple Wedding CakeSaving Money: There are other routes to getting your wedding cake than just a caterer or bakery. Many caterers and bakeries require deposits and setup fees. To avoid such hassles, you can always ask a friend that is a good baker to bake a wonderful cake for you. This will save a considerable amount of money and perhaps be your friends pleasure.

Communicating What You Want: Flower bouquets amongst other types of flower arrangements can be very difficult to communicate to your florist. In order to avoid receiving a bouquet that looks nothing like what you originally asked for, do your best to tell your flower professional exactly what you want. Ask for examples, and show some pictures of what you want if possible.

Save Money on Flowers: There are many ways to cut the overall costs of your wedding. One such method involves saving a considerable amount of money on your flower expenditures. Budget carefully and be up-front with your florist in regard to your price range. Also, purchase flowers that are in-season.

Once you have realized your significant savings, you now know that the money you have saved can go towards your honeymoon or other necessities such as all the things you’ll need to decorate your new home together.

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